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Counseling and Clinical Services

Directions for Youth & Families' treatment programs provide counseling, community support, and clinical services to young people and adults both as individuals and as families. Through individual, family, and group sessions, issues including behavioral problems, drug and alcohol abuse, violence, aggressive behavior, juvenile crime, low self-esteem, and child abuse/neglect are addressed. Services are provided in homes, schools, community centers, and Directions offices.

Anger Management Options:
Assists youth ages 10-18 years old experiencing difficulty in the appropriate expression of anger. Individual, family, and group counseling focus on problem solving, anger and stress management, communication, relationship building, and parenting styles.
Behavioral Healthcare:
Counseling, psychotherapy, and psychological services and assessments are available to adults, adolescents, children, individuals, couples, and families seeking help. Psychiatric services are available to ongoing clients by internal referral only. For adult clients, various therapy groups as well as 8-week Anger Management classes are offered.
Building Bright Futures:
Provides in-home individual and family counseling to youth ages 12-18 who are at risk for school failure.
Building Bright Futures - Reclaim Ohio:
Provides counseling and support services to non-violent juvenile offenders ages 17 or under to prevent youth from committing further criminal offenses. Program referrals are accepted from Franklin County Juvenile Court only.
Children Who Witness Violence:
Provides individual, family, and group counseling for youth ages 7-18 to reduce the traumatic effects of violence and to prevent future violence.
COMPS (Children Of Murdered Parents and Siblings):
Provides individual, family, and group counseling to youth ages 8-18 who have lost a loved one to homicide.
FOSAC (Family Outreach Substance Abuse Counseling):
Provides home-based individual and family counseling, as well as group counseling to youth ages 12-17 who have substance abuse issues.
Outreach Counseling Program:
In-home individual and family counseling, as well as crisis intervention services, for youth ages 5 -17 and their families.
PROMISES (for victims of sexual abuse):
A comprehensive in-home therapeutic program offering individual, group, and family counseling for youth ages 7-17 who have been victims of reported or suspected sexual abuse.
School Connections:
Provides school and home-based mental health counseling to students in selected South-Western City schools who are currently experiencing or are at risk for mental and/or emotional problems, drug and alcohol abuse, or family dysfunction. The program also focuses on helping students with anger management, conflict resolution, and self-esteem issues. Program referrals are accepted from South-Western City Schools personnel only.
Student Support Services:
Assists Columbus City Schools students and their families in removing barriers so student achievement and success. Services include Education and Consultation, mental health assessments, and providing schools, students, and families with information regarding community resources. Program referrals are accepted from Columbus City School personnel only.

Thank you, major sponsors, and many others for your support of the State of the Child event. Together, we help provide opportunities for many children and families who face extraordinary challenges every day.


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