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A Message from our CEO

Dear Friends,

Thank you  for visiting our website to learn about Directions for Youth & Families. Your interest and support provide vital behavioral and mental health services for youth and families in our community.

Many of the people served by Directions have experienced lives filled with challenge, hurt and distress. We invite you to read the stories of some of the young people we serve in the State of the Child Report. The stories will help you to understand the challenges they face and the help they receive through Directions for Youth & Families.

The young people and families served by Directions are resilient. They have hopes for the future, and they hold tightly to those hopes even in the worst circumstances. Our Directions for Youth & Families' staff help youth and families make sound choices and achieve promising futures. We help them focus on their strengths and talents. We help youth and their families realize what the future can offer.

Visit the Programs & Services section of this site for specific information about what Directions offers. Our Program Results in that section detail the measurable successes of our programs.

Your support and partnership with Directions for Youth & Families helps continue our efforts to make Central Ohio a community where each child and family can live in a safe, nurturing environment and achieve a promising future. We invite you to visit us at the Short Stop or Ohio Avenue Youth Centers at any time. Please contact us at or 614-294-2661 to schedule a tour or to get answers to your questions about Directions

Your commitment to our community's young people and families is critical to all who are served by our programs. Thank you for your time, interest and support.

Duane Casares

Your commitment to our community's young people and families is most appreciated by all who are served by our programs.


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